5 Reasons to have a St. Paul’s Blog

1.) It will magnify the Lord. 

This is a place to talk about what he’s doing, what he has done, and how he has challenged us. Talking about His work gives him credit He deserves. This is a way to worship Him. We are called to praise Him when we encounter Him; the blog is a way to do that.

2.) It will encourage the body. 

We are not alone, but often we feel like we are. The body of Christ is unique and amazing, and one of the ways it functions so profoundly is that we share each other’s burdens and joys. If you read about what the Lord has done in someone else’s life, you will be encouraged. And you will feel even more connected to a member of the body, whom perhaps you don’t even know that well.

3.) You can’t hear from everyone every week in person. 

Though the Lord is at work in the lives of our members in so many ways, the reality is that you just can’t talk to everyone at St. Paul’s regularly. You probably talk to the same folks often, and that’s important. But wouldn’t it be nice to be able to hear what God is doing in an area of town that you just aren’t able to get to very often? Wouldn’t it be encouraging to hear from members that you wish you were able to grab lunch with, but life just won’t allow for it right now? That’s what the blog is for. A way to hear from each other.

4.) It’s good to share. 

It’s good to take the time to reflect on God’s work, or we are bound to forget it. It’s good to tell others, so we can all grow. It’s good to share a video or a quote that might get someone to see the Lord in a new light. And it’s good to have it recorded in a place where you can look back on it.

5.) The internet isn’t going anywhere. 

Might as well use it for something good!


So….what will the blog include?

Lots of things! Stories of the Lord’s work, questions people are struggling with, videos that have encouraged members, suggestions of books to read….and more. There will be a variety of posts.

Want to Submit? We deeply desire your submissions! We would love to have as many folks as possible post on the blog. Please Contact Missy Davis at missylowrance@gmail.com if you are open to submitting.




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