God Still Does Miraculous Things

By Sue Jones

When I decided to move to Atlanta about 4 months ago, I was a little nervous because although I have several family members here, I didn’t have any friends, and knew I would need some. I didn’t want to be totally dependent on my family.

My first Sunday in town I decided to look for a new church online. I love Tim Keller’s sermons and books so wanted to try a PCA church. Well, St. Paul’s was the first one I saw that was relatively close to where I’d be living, so Sunday morning I drove there.

I arrived early, and saw a young woman sitting in a pew by herself.  I went over and sat one seat away from her. She immediately leaned over and said, “Hi! I’m Lynette, come sit by me.” Her name took me by surprise because I have a life-long friend named Lynette, and haven’t ever known another. We laughed about that, and started talking about my move to Atlanta. Lynette asked where I was going to be living and when I told her North Decatur, she said, “Oh, that’s where I live!” She then asked if I had a townhouse or a house, and I told her that I would be living in an apartment complex. Again she said, “Oh, I live in an apartment too.” Of course, she asked which apartment complex, and when I told her, she immediately started tearing up and said, “Oh my, that’s where I live, and I’ve been praying for a Christian friend to move into my complex!”

She then asked me to go to lunch and I looked up and said, “Okay God, I get it. This is where you want me to be!”

Other things almost as amazing have happened since I moved here, and my nervousness about adjusting to life in the big city is gone. St. Paul’s has welcomed me with open arms, and I already feel like it’s home. Thank you, Jesus, and thank you, St. Paul’s!

Thank you, God, for taking me right where I needed to be at just the right time!