God: Our #ultimatebenediction

Why do we have a Benediction at the end of our worship? We do this for several reasons. It’s closure on our service, sending us out into the week and our lives with a prayer/blessing and it gives God the final word.

I personally love this part of worship so much. Our pastors send us out with a blessing each Sunday. What a beautiful way to stand in reverence together! We close our time and have a seal on the worship service, marking the end of our worship and praying that God will take and seal all that the Holy Spirit did. A blessing sends us out into this broken world with peace that God is our ringer, as Tolivar shared with us.

I selfishly need this blessing and seal as I start out into the week. As a wife, mama of three, and studio director of a performing arts studio I am often pulled in many directions at once. I focus on the things that don’t matter and forget who my Provider is. I need to be reminded that God is my Alpha and Omega.

God not only has the last word in our service, but He has the last word in our lives. We are His and He has ordained every step, decision and course our lives take. Our prayer should be that this knowledge draws us to Him even more. He is our peace giver and bringer and our Ultimate Benediction.

by Lindsey Archer


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